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Free Full Site template

This template is a pre-made design that consists of the main page and several additional pages that correspond to the menu tabs. This is an ideal solution either for your company or for your personal needs and does not require developing sub-pages. This template just needs a bit customization to meet your preferences before uploading to your hosting provider.

Free Flash template

This Template is completely based on Flash, and opens up completely new possibilities in web design. Everyone who has ever seen elegant, modern and unusual Flash Websites will understand that it's something more than just an addition to HTML-based sites. A Flash template will impart solidity to your company and individuality to your personal webpage.

NOTE: HTML version (non-animated) is also included.

Dynamic Flash templates

Dynamic Flash templates technology allows you to edit text and change pictures in your site without having to modify and recompile FLA source file. Free Dynamic Flash template has all text content in text files, and pictures - in the directory in which the site itself is located. Moreover, the text in Flash can now be presented in HTML and supports some tags. All source FLA files are still included and are fully editable.

NOTE: HTML version (non-animated) is also included.

Free Flash Animated Template

Free Flash animated template is perfect for you to reveal all the possibilities of visual effects and flash graphics. This template impresses by its originality and professional look and is good for different kinds of presentations and as an animated introduction to the company. Feel free to view and download this template to make your site more interactive and eye-catching!

NOTE: HTML version (non-animated) is also included.

Free Full Package Template

Free Full Package template is a set of pre-designed web pages connected through content and related to the menu buttons. It includes such complementary features like matching, business cards, different pop-ups, a great number of various banners specially designed for your company. By downloading it you will obtain everything you need to get your project online!

Free Dynamic Swish Template

Free Dynamic Swish template serves one of the best means of designing a professional quality dynamic and interactive website. Just as in the Dynamic Flash Template the content can be edited from a text file which makes the website extremely easy to maintain and update.

This kind of Swish templates harmoniously combines splendid graphics and sound accompaniment and requires additional customization to suite your needs and preferences.

NOTE: HTML version (non-animated) is also included.

Free 3 Color Full Site Template

This template includes three templates that has the same graphics and layout but different color patterns. Each template consists of the main page and several sub-pages related to the menu buttons. So, if you are unsure which color of the website suits you better, this package is a good solution for you!

Free CSS Full Site Template

Free CSS Full Site template is a pre-made high quality design based on the CSS technology that became very popular among web professionals. CSS templates are remarkable smaller than those based on the other technologies; thus they load much faster. These templates are much easier to customize and they are fully compatible with almost all the browsers.

Free Logo Set

Free Logo Set is a package of 10 high quality stylish logos. Each logo template is a 300 dpi graphic and is available in two formats - .PSD and .CDR.

Free Flash Intro

Free Flash Intro is a spectacular flash presentation created to give customers an idea about your website and activities. This is in fact an informative movie that will certainly impress the visitor and make your website more vivid and look truly professional! All flash intro pages come with source FLA files and are fully editable.

HD Flash Intro

HD Flash Intro is the Flash-based video made in exceptionally high visual and sound quality. This kind of product is meant for using it at ad spots and broadcasting channels requiring HD video quality.

Download a sample HD Flash Intro to see the Full-HD quality in action!

NOTE: Flash source files are not included with this sample but there's an .avi file for you to evaluate the exceptional quality of this product.

PHP-Nuke Theme

Free PHP-Nuke theme is actually a skin for your PHP-Nuke. PHP-Nuke is a ready-made news automated system specially elaborated to be used in Intranets and Internet. Its usage doesn't require any technical skills and theme integration takes a couple of minutes!

Have a look at our PHP-Nuke theme sample live demo.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity is a perfect way to create complete corporate style vitally important for any business. Free Corporate Identity package contains all necessary printer-ready files: logo, standard letterhead, envelope and business card layout. And of course they are all fully customizable.

Free Logo template

Free Logo template presents pre-made logo design products with company name in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or TIFF format. Just fill in your company name and use our Logo templates.

Free Icon set

Free Icon set includes 10 icons of 72 dpi quality. All the icons are performed in .PSD and .PNG formats. The set can be used for your on-line and off-line projects to make them more stylish and good-looking.

Free SwiSH Animated Template

Free SwiSH animated template is partially developed in SWiSH. The animated part of the template can be easily edited with .swi files. Edited source files of SWiSH (.swi), have to be converted into .swf files later on in order to make them available for most visitors. The rest of the template which is not animated goes with simple HTML.

SWiSH technology is very similar to Flash but it's easier to work with though the results are of the same quality.

NOTE: HTML version (non-animated) is also included.

Free osCommerce 2.1 Template

Free osCommerce template is actually a special design for osCommerce - open source online shop e-commerce solution. With our osCommerce templates not only do you get the design but all the required files to install your osCommerce shop along with the instruction on the installation process. As a result you get a completely ready on-line shop based on osCommerce and professionally designed by Template Monster.

Have a look at our osCommerce template sample live demo.

Free osCommerce 2.2 Template

Free osCommerce 2.2 template is a design for osCommerce online merchant engine version 2.2. The templates of this version are also widely presented at our website and therefore there is a separate sample for them. osCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms as it is present at the market for several years now, Zen Cart and CRE Loaded have appeared much later.

Please feel free to see the live demo of our osCommerce 2.2 template.

Free Magento Theme

Free Magento Theme is a ready-made web page design for Magento eCommerce platform. Having downloaded this Free Magento Theme you can practice editing it. So you'll gain experience of working with this type of product before actually purchasing it.

Note that our Magento Themes are fully compatible with Magento open source shopping cart.

Flash CMS Intro

Flash CMS Intro is a whole new invention produced by the top Flash Developers. This product will allow you to easily manage the content and design of your Flash Intro without having any kinds of Flash editing software or skills. Everything is done through a simple and user-friendly admin panel. The best thing is that with all this enhanced functionality the Flash CMS Intros are still very impressive and beautifully designed.

phpBB Template

phpBB template is a special design developed for phpBB – open source online forum system. With our free phpBB skin you get all the files necessary to install a new stylish theme with your forum. Besides, you will get a .PSD source file of the main page to edit graphics, a collection of fonts and a set of 30 unique icons designed specially for this particular theme.

Have a look at our phpBB skin sample live demo.

Stretched Templates

Stretched templates or liquid templates are entirely flexible, filling the browser window as it expands or contracts. With our stretched templates you do not need to worry if your visitors will see your whole site or just some part of it as stretched templates changes in accordance with screen resolution of your visitors. Try our free Stretched template before purchasing one from our vast collection.

Have a look at our Stretched Template sample live demo.

Free Dynamic Flash Gallery Template

Free Dynamic Flash Gallery template is basically a dynamic Flash website with a Gallery section added in as an additional section with a navigation bar. The gallery itself contains a set of images arranged in the order you prefer (rows of small pictures, previews of a larger image) which also has a Zoom button for a very large close-up view of the image.

Websites with a Dynamic Flash Gallery of this kind will definitely be a great help for photographers or artists who want to display their works on the Internet and want this to be done in the most elegant and attractive way.

CRE Loaded Templates

To see our CRE Loaded templates in action we recommend you to download and play with free CRE Loaded template. It is a special template for CRE Loaded eCommerce system. More info on how to install the template is included in the template package.

See it in action - a CRE Loaded template sample live demo.

Flash 8 Template

A sample of website template developed in Flash 8 made to show what you can do with a new version of this famous software. Within this free Flash 8 template you will find many of great effects available with standard tools of Flash 8. Note that you can play with this sample using Flash 8 version or later.

NOTE: HTML version (non-animated) is also included.

Free WordPress Theme

Free WordPress theme is a design (skin, template) for one of the most popular blogging software nowadays. Try this sample and get back to us to purchase appealing design from our WordPress themes collection. Note that our WordPress themes are developed for WordPress 2.0.1 and may not work properly with other versions of WordPress.

Have a look at our WordPress theme sample live demo.

Free Zen Cart Template

Zen Cart template is a specially designed template compatible with Zen Cart - open source solution for e-commerce. Our Zen Cart templates are actually Zen Cart skins so you may switch between them within a couple of minutes. Free Zen Cart template package includes all the files necessary to install and edit the skin.

See it in action - a Zen Cart template sample live demo.

Free XML Flash Site template

Free XML Flash Site template is using the technology that will allow you to edit your Flash website from a simple XML file. This new technology gives you the opportunity to add as many read-more-links as you wish. Another feature is that you can now switch the menu items and they will automatically be followed by the proper page switches. You can also make the text available for copying by simply changing one setting in the XML file.

NOTE: HTML version (non-animated) is also included.

Free Joomla Template

Joomla is one of the most popular CMS of nowadays. Joomla template is a design for this CMS. We recommend that you will try our free Joomla template before you buy any Joomla template from our collection.

Have a look at our Joomla template sample live demo.

Free Mambo Template

We offer you a free sample of Mambo template so you could try it out before purchasing our commercial Mambo templates. Our templates are of premium design, easy in use and installation. We hope that you will get back to use to buy one of them after trying this free Mambo template.

See it in action - a Mambo template sample live demo

Free Drupal Theme

Free Drupal Theme available here is basically a ready-made design representing a typical high-quality and beautiful design of all of the TemplateMonster's Drupal Themes. This sample will help you understand better how comfortable and efficient this CMS is as it has all of the features required for an integral website control.

See it in action! Take a look at Drupal Theme sample live demo.